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Paintings by Julian Meagher

[ These images appear courtesy of the Artist and Edwina Corlette Gallery]

Julian Meagher


Paintings by Wayne Thiebaud

I’m extremely fond of Wayne Thiebaud. I was first introduced to his work in 2008, in my first year drawing class at university. I was 17 years old and absolutely delighted by the slides my professor showed our class. Thiebaud’s paintings are consistently exquisite. They’re rich in colour and texture, the painterly quality itself is delectable, never mind the subject matter. I am especially amused by how he goes about creating shadow in all of his work. These are a few examples of my favourite pieces of his; from 1960’s on.

Paintings by Wanda Koop

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These are examples of work by Wanda Koop. Like myself, Wanda is from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada and a fellow University of Manitoba, School of Art Graduate. I am quite fond of her work, and she’s certainly a role-model as a female contemporary Canadian artist. I had the pleasure of briefly meeting Wanda a few years ago when I worked at a local art supplier. What I am most captured by in terms of her painting, is her colour palette. She pairs subtle, neutral tones with fluorescents so effortlessly. These are some examples of my favourite pieces of hers. To see more, I’ve listed her website at the end of this post.

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